Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Hello Beautiful People,
     This will be my first post on the importance of having versatile clothing items. Buy one item that you can use with many of your already purchased items to make as many outfits as possible.
     I know, I know, we all already know this but I just have to hammer this one into your head, VERSATILITY!! If you're going to spend that little bit extra on something you want it to be worth it. So you're hold a gorgeous dress in your hands and you look at the price tag and it's a 'little' pricey but you think to yourself "well if I don't pay the phone bill I can do it" just remember if it can't be used in many different occasions it may just not be worth it. You make the decision.
     I have some examples for you. I will use a dress that I bought on Monday for a awesome price of $10, four different pairs of shoes and two jackets to demonstrate how versatile this dress is.

The Dress

The Shoes
Look One:
Look Two:
Look Three:

Look Four:

So there you have it. Four different looks with one dress.
Zoe Chanel x


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